When you hear cheers and yells from the inside of a casino, you know you’re near a craps table. The high-energy dice game that goes off of the luck of a roll bringing a ton of excitement and options to bet. If you’re wondering how you can get the same action in the comfort of your home, we’ll tell you how. 

There are a few rules in casino craps and playing online can help you get more comfortable with them. You can practice these rules playing for free, taking them over to play for real money when you are good and ready. 

Craps Online: Where to Play 

First up, let’s look at some craps casino where you can get your rolling on. These are our top picks that are come with a solid reputation and are guaranteed to be safe and secure. When playing in a new casino for the first time, be sure to take advantage of the welcome offers that are up for grabs for new players, using them to power you through gameplay.

Our top picks are: 

1. Jackpot City 

2. Ruby Fortune 

3. Spin City 

4. Bwin

Tips to Play Craps

Once you find your preferred spot to play, it’s time to get the show on the road. If you’re a rookie, you’re probably looking for some magic way to win, which you will not find. But you can try out some tips that increase your chances to win and add some dough to your bankroll.

Craps Game Rules And Tips To Win
Craps Classic Desk Image

1. Make the pass line bet

One of the best bets with the best odds is cause for celebration. Make this bet and watch as your bankroll grows because it comes with a house edge of only 1.4.

2. The odds bet

It is a bet that comes with zero house edge! If you make any bet and it lands on a number, you can win this bet, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to win. Use this bet as an additional one on top of any riskier bets to keep your bankroll fat and happy, securing yourself from dipping down too low. 

3. Do as others do

One last tip, and we think the best, is to keep your eyes on the person with the largest collection of chips. They know what to look for or are just having a streak of luck that you’ll definitely want to jump in on. So, look at what they’re doing and be a copycat; who cares, everyone wins!  

Try out any of these with craps online free to get some practice and find the one that suits you best. The more training you have with a craps casino game, the more comfortable you will feel making bets and not sweating the small stuff in the process. 

Where to Find Free Craps

Speaking of free online craps, where can you find it? The truth is you can find it all over the place though not every option is the best. When searching for craps free, one of your best bets is to try out an app that is dedicated to free play. Here, you won’t use so much memory; you won’t need to be worried about your security, and you won’t be pressured to play for real money. 

Other than that, you can try for a demo in online casinos, or take it to the web and do a quick search. It requires the most caution, making sure that you’re only visiting sites that are safe and secure. When choosing this option over any of the others, make sure that you don’t download anything that is questionable and that you don’t give out any of your information so that it has no chance to fall into the wrong hands. 

Why Play Craps Online? 

So, why play craps for free online anyway? The truth is that free craps online can give you the same opportunity to quench your thirst without having to worry about losing any money. Plus, you can practice and learn the rules looking for your favourite strategy before you take it to the big leagues. Practice makes perfect and knowing all the types of bets you can make, plus what kinds of tips you can practice to increase your odds and winnings.

No matter what, playing for real money or fun comes with the same heart-racing feelings while rolling the dice. If you’re looking for a spot to brush up or get in on the game, you have options right from the comfort of your home thanks to online casinos. 


Is playing craps online for real money legal in Canada? 
Yes, it is. The only thing you have to watch for is whether the casino you choose is licensed with a valid authority that allows gameplay in Canada. You can check this out online, making sure that the license is reputable and legit. 
Where can I find a free craps game? 
You have a few options though some are safer than others. Go for a free app that offers free play or try demos provided by top online casinos or developers.


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