Roulette is one of those classics that everyone knows around the world. Making its way from Europe to the Americas and around the globe, it has become available for players from all around the world. Chances are, even if you have not played it, you have seen it and are familiar with the setup. If you’ve never played and wanting to work on your gambling skills or just looking for some extra playing time for fun, you have the option of casino roulette. 

The free roulette game will get you used to the game allowing you to make bets without worrying about the outcome. When you play free online roulette as a frequent player or a rookie, you have a shot at improving your roulette skills and learning the rules. It can be used later to help you when you play for real money in casinos, making you handle gameplay like a pro. 

Best Casinos for Online Roulette

Looking for a casino to play roulette online? The good thing is, Canada has a huge market with a ton of casinos at your disposal. The most challenging part is which to choose, as your choices are through the roof. We have skimmed through the sites online and narrowed it down to our top 5 best casinos that offer roulette. You can play roulette for real money and also try out demo versions to learn the ropes before betting any money. 

Before we get into the list, let’s first see what it takes to make it on the list. All casinos included are legal and safe, licensed by a reputable gaming authority. They also employ SSL encryptions to keep user data secure and keep lurkers away. Apart from the basics, we look at their gaming selection, customer care and bonus offer to get the top 5. These are: 

1. Jackpot City

2. Betway

3. Ruby Fortune 

4. Leo Vegas 

5. Spin Casino 

Why Roulette Online? 

So, now that you know where to play, why online roulette Canada? First of all, if you’re playing for real money, playing online offers a lower pressure situation. The game will usually guide you, helping you to figure out the rules along the way. Playing online, you’ll get small cues to know when to bet and what your min and max wagers can be.

Play Roulette Online For Free

When you play roulette for free, you’re getting the chance to feel relaxed knowing that your money is not on the line. You can make bets of all sorts taking as many risks as you want. Not to mention when you play roulette online free, you’ll also have a chance to learn the rules, using it as a chance to see how the game is played out from start to finish.  

Roulettes Free: Where to Play 

Where can you find free roulette online? As we mentioned, you can find a few places with demo versions to try out. Some of these are only partial versions while others are full versions of roulette free. These are generally offered from online casinos or, directly from the provider which developed the game. When playing in an online casino, keep in mind that you will need to create an account, something as simple as your basic details and your email. While you can stay for only roulette free play, an online casino will help you easily convert from free to real money.

Apart from online casinos, you also have the option to do a search on the web for free gaming sites. For this, however, you must be a bit more cautious, making sure that whatever website you choose is safe. A few things to watch out for are 

1. Those that ask you to create an account

2. Those that ask you to download games

3. Those that come with lots of pop-ups 

Last but not least, players have the options to take their search to the app store, where many apps offer free casino games, more specifically, roulette. They allow you to play roulette for fun, taking all pressure out, letting you not worry about your bankroll. 

Tips to Win the Roulette Game

So, you have some ideas of where to find roulette online free, plus which casinos offer the best and safest playing environments. You also know that online roulette free comes with a shot to improve your skills, where you can brush up on the rules and even start using a few of the strategies out there recommended by expert gamers. No matter if you’re playing roulettes casino free or for real money, you can try out these tips to help you win more often. You’ll possibly see a considerable improvement to your bankroll and start to make more mindful bets in the process. 

1. Outside and Inside Bets

This is a no-fail strategy, easy to employ and working like a charm. Instead of making only inside bets that come with lower probabilities, combine both to increase your chances. Outside bets come with a much higher percentage, most of them 50/50. You can put your money on red or black or even or odd. This increased percentage helps to keep your bankroll afloat so that you can make risker and higher-paying inside bets.

2. Martingale Strategy. 

Practised by all the top gamers, this strategy is used to help keep your bankroll in order and is based on the fact that wins come in waves or patterns. When practising this strategy, you’re asked to double your bet the next time around. When you win, you take your bet back down to your starting amount. It might sound complicated, but some practice rounds are all you will need to see how easy and efficient it is. 

3. 0 and 00 

When you have the choice to choose between a table with the added 00, your odds are decreasing. That added number throws off the stats and makes for lower chances to win those higher-end bets. Still, 0 and 00 are always a good bet to make, with some experts suggesting that you make a bet on either of these numbers as often as you can.

While these strategies are not guaranteed, they can help you see a boost in your overall wins while playing roulette. Try them out the next time you take the wheel for a spin, seeing if they really add up to all the hype. Happy gaming!


Can I find roulette for free online? 
Yes! Not only in online casinos but on free casino game apps and even some websites online. 
How can I win at roulette?
There is never a sure way in the world of gambling. However, you have a few strategies that you can practice, which are said to increase your chances to win.   

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