There are a lot of games out there on the world wide web. If you’re ever in the mood to get your gaming fix, you can take to the internet and find the best option for you starting with those that call to you. Is it slots that get you going or are you more into more of a table game or sports enthusiast? No matter what the style of game you’re looking for, you can surely find it, but where can you start?

There are a few options when it comes to searching out casino games for free, but where are they and can you trust them? That’s exactly what we’ll be looking into today, introducing you to your options for finding your favourite casino games online free. First, we will look at the top games out there, hopefully introducing you to one that you haven’t tried yet that could just become your new favourite pastime. Then, we’ll get into where you can find casino free games and the many options you’ll have to choose from. 

Top Casino Games

Everyone likes a good casino online game every once in a while. There is something about the rush that gets your blood pumping and the excitement building as you take a shot to win some green. Even if you’re not playing to win some dough potentially, some games are so full of action and fun that you could be in it just to play for fun. So, to help you narrow down your long list of choices, we’ve created a list of casino games that are the most popular and most played across the web. 


There is nothing quite like the slot. They have been around for ages and give players options to win in seconds with each spin. These days, you can find traditional 3-reel, progressive slots and even 3D video slots.

Table Games

These are the genuine casino online games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat. These games give you the chance to make wagers using a combination of luck and strategy. Most of the games take attention to detail and a good foundation as far as the rules go so, make sure to brush up before playing for real money.


Sports bets are also a huge deal and a super popular option for players looking to get their gambling fix. Spots bets are a little more challenging to find for free, but they are still preferred among sports enthusiasts. When trying your luck in an online casino that offers sports, your best bet is to choose events that come with high odds and are predicted to end with the results you’re hoping for. 

List of Free Online Casino Games

Online Casino Digital Art Canada

While those above are the most popular games, everyone also enjoys a good free game. If you’re on the hunt for free casino games online, we have created a list of your options for free games below. 

  • Zynga Poker
  • Vegas Slots Double Down 
  • House of Fun (Slot) 
  • Hot Vegas 
  • Bingo Blitz

These are among the best free casino games for fun only where you can take the chance to practice your skills or just strictly play for pleasure. There are a ton of other options for free casino games for fun but, it just depends on your favourite type of game. 

Where to Find Casino Games Online

When you’re ready to play casino games, where can you find them? Of course, if you’re ready to play for real money, online casinos are your best bet. Be sure to choose those that come with a reputation and are licensed and legal before creating an account or adding any funds. For players in Canada, here are our top three trusted casinos: 

1. Jackpot City

2. Ruby Fortune

3. Spin Casino 

If you’re on the hunt for a free casino game, you can still find them in online casinos though they are generally offered more as demo versions. You can, however, find a few, especially slots. Other options allow you to try new casino games free, like those that are newly released from providers. They are always on the lookout for players to test their latest releases, often giving free play.

Other than that, you have the option to search on the web. When doing this, however, just make sure that you’re not downloading anything or entering information on an insecure website. The best thing to do is choose to play only if the gameplay begins immediately and doesn’t require that you enter any type of information. Always check security and never deposit money to websites that ask for sensitive personal data. 

Online Casino Games Mobile Version 

Last but not least, there are options for free games casino via apps that are downloadable onto a large number of devices. You can find these in the app store of your device, generally searching by the type of game you’re searching for. These apps will allow you to play casino games free with just the click of a few buttons. 

When playing casino games for fun on mobile devices, you’ll get to enjoy the fact that gameplay comes with increased interaction, giving you the chance to shake, tap, and swipe to complete the moves you’re wanting. Not to mention that most of the time, mobile play is preferred thanks to optimizations in the technology and programming languages used to create it. It means that games will fit the screen perfectly and will be much neater and more organized as they need to fit into a more compact place. 

When on the hunt for casino games both for real money and for free, the thing to keep in mind is your security Never enter information when you are not sure of the site and never accept downloads or popups. We wish you the best of luck when on the hunt and hope you get your gaming fix, happy gaming!


Is online gambling for real money legal in Canada?
Yes, it is. The website which you choose to bet with most hold a license and be legal to operate in Canada. If these check out, then it is 100% legal.
Where can I find free games online? 
There are several places where you can find these free games, but your safest bet is in online casinos or reputable apps that offer free games. You can also take to the web and search but, use this option as a last resort. 
Can I try new releases free?
Yes, you can! Most of the time there are demo versions or full versions released by the providers for players to take for a test drive. They are looking for feedback so they can make adjustments to improve if necessary. 

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